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"Entrepreneurship is the pursuit, creation and capture of extraordinary value"
–Daniel Isenberg, Professor of Management Practice, Babson Global

Texas Leadership Institute: Testimonials

For years, my staff and I have been attending seminars conducted by the Texas Leadership Institute. We have found these seminars to be very helpful in providing us tools to use to improve our community. We particularly like the one on one attention we receive from these small classes, compared to other training organizations that try to pack the room to it’s fullest.     
     — City Manager

The training and information we received through the Texas Leadership Institute helped us obtain grants and other funds for our annual community festival. The practical nature of what I learned will help me immensely with my local programs.
     — Tourism Director

Thanks for letting me attend your Texas leadership Institute’s training program. I came away from your well organized and interesting program with a wealth of useful information and reinforced pride for LCRA sponsored programs. It was a pleasure to get to know the staff and great work you all are doing. I’m looking forward to future Texas Leadership Institute programs.     — LCRA Board Member

In the past, I have taken several courses from the Texas Leadership Institute. They provide a great service, especially to small to medium size rural communities. Their instructors are very knowledgeable, the classes are the right size, and you get a lot of personal attention. In addition, their classes are a great place to exchange ideas with other elected officials from small rural communities.      — City Council Member

The training and workshops offered by the Texas Leadership Institute are valid and proven programs which are recognized across the state. Our small rural city has sent several of our employees to their training seminars and we are very pleased with the outcome, plus the seminar fees are very reasonable, especially during these times of tight budgets and lack of resources.     — City Manager

The information we received through the Texas Leadership Institute seminar has helped our chamber work with our local public officials, tourism professionals and volunteers. I learned more today than I did in other multi-day day seminars conducted by other organizations.     
     — Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

What a great seminar! Thanks for getting that incredible group of speakers together for us. As a new chamber board member, the things I learned today are going to be invaluable in working with my community. Thanks again.     
      — Chamber of Commerce Board Member

The information I learned today will help me with city financing issues such as percentage paid by impact fees, grants, utility revenue, general revenue, or similar. Our city needs a lot of help in these areas.     — City Finance Director

The knowledge we received through this training will help us make well and informed decisions as local elected public officials. The program provide by the Texas Leadership Institute was Awesome! I enjoyed the inter-action between other elected officials, learned a lot and looking forward to using some of these techniques in my leadership role.     
   — County Commissioner

Our employees we recently went through six-weeks series of “specialized” training sessions from the Texas Leadership Institute and were extremely pleased by the content and the presenters. The flexibility of scheduling and customization of these workshops was excellent. We appreciate the opportunity to have been involved with the Texas Leadership Institute and will call on them again for future training.
     — HR Director, Manufacturing Company

The materials and information provided by the Texas Leadership Institute training seminar was excellent. It was well rounded and well delivered and I took away many good ideas and skills that I will implement in the management of my organization back home. I highly recommend this seminar to other economic development professionals.     — Economic Development Director

What a great seminar! As an owner of a small business I was able to understand and appreciate the valuable service my local chamber of commerce can provide. The presenter of this seminar provided me with great in-depth material and case studies that contributed to my understanding of this particular topic. The class was the right size and I was able to share my ideas with others that also owned a business.
     — Business Owner & Community Leader

I attended several classes provided by the Texas Leadership Institute and found the training to be a valuable tool for my current job.    
      — City CIP Manager

The Texas Leadership Institute offers wonderful and informative Economic Development seminars. I’m looking forward to attending others in the future.
     — Economic Development Director