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"Entrepreneurship is the pursuit, creation and capture of extraordinary value"
–Daniel Isenberg, Professor of Management Practice, Babson Global

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June 13,2013
Quincy Ellis talks with listeners on Rick Brutti's MYOB show on the UR Business Network about Global Entrepreneurship, and creating businesses and jobs by working with entrepreneurs and their communities.  He also shares what he has been involved with in the past and some thoughts on business incubation and on economic development strategies.   

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2013-06-13_COMCAP-Quincy Ellis_MYOB.mp3

Dec 9, 2013

In 2003, though support of the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, the Texas Center for Rural Entrepreneurship (TCRE) was established. Since then, TCRE chair Greg Clary and vice chair Quincy Ellis have developed tool that assess communities. Now Clary and Ellis are bringing those tools and partnering with the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship.

More broadcasts to come!