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"Entrepreneurship is the pursuit, creation and capture of extraordinary value"
–Daniel Isenberg, Professor of Management Practice, Babson Global


• Gain real-world knowledge from top-notch-seasoned practitioners

• Network with your peers and exchange information with persons from all types of organizations and experiences

• Identify critical issues and new opportunities in today's changing world

• Become more proactive in your work setting

• Identify your organization's strengths, weaknesses and resources

• Strengthen your leadership skills and abilities

• Increase the success rate for new business ventures and businesses with growth potential

Who Attends?

Every citizen that is interested in making their community better tomorrow than it is today has a seat at one or more of the workshops.  Primarily we get participants from chambers of commerce, economic development, city and county government, planners, board members and those that work with boards, educators, grant writers, consultants, business owners, landowners and many other segments of rural communities.

Why do they attend?

Workshops are very applied, hands-on, interactive sessions with the most knowledgeable practitioners we can find.  They focus on your challenges and opportunities and help you solve your problems and answer your questions.  You will leave all our workshops with new tools, skills and knowledge that can be implemented as soon as you get back to work.

Instruction for Today's Community Leaders and Volunteers:
Workshops that focus on Community, Economic, Business,
and Leadership Development

Community and economic development workshops bring together key decision-makers, elected officials, volunteers, chambers of commerce, community and economic developers, convention and visitor bureau personnel, health professionals, school administrators, and others for the purpose of addressing critical issues and challenges faced in rural communities. Business development workshops target prospective and current business owners in addition to economic developers and others providing technical assistance to business owners and managers.

Working Together

Educational Programs

TCRE educational programs enhance the ability of rural communities to plan for sustainable economic activity by building a team of trained leaders. Current opportunities continue to focus on this purpose while expanding into workshops with more of a focus on business development.

TCRE's fee-based educational workshops focus on arming participants with the information, tools and programs to help them find excellence in their communities. Workshop topics deal with issues related to community, economic, business and leadership development especially in rural communities.

TCRE workshops are taught by an impressive group of experienced trainers and experts. What you learn from these knowledge-based presentations will help you to enhance your community development skills by recognizing new and existing resources.