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"Entrepreneurship is the pursuit, creation and capture of extraordinary value"
–Daniel Isenberg, Professor of Management Practice, Babson Global

Kick-Start Businesses In Your Community!

These are events for local businesses to gain insights into their business ventures that are not available from other local support systems or resource providers.

One-day community-sponsored business boot camps provide support local businesses need to build a solid foundation. Sessions address management issues related to operations, marketing, finance and others selected by participants.

These fee-based workshops are affordable and offer organizers and participants an excellent return on their investment. Workshops offer valuable tools, analytical skills development and innovative approaches to management not found in other traditional business boot camp programs.  Participants will leave with information and tools they can put to use in their businesses immediately.

Community boot camps are high energy sessions with a combination of presentations, practical exercises, dialogue and interaction between instructors and participants and applications to participant businesses. Arrangements can be made for individual consultations with workshop leaders or other local business advisers following the workshop.

What makes this intensive workshop different from the many other boot camps offered by public institutions and private consultants?  Many of them focus on new business issues.  We focus on positioning your business for planned growth.  We do this with dynamic, customized, interactive working sessions that set a course for future growth and success.  You leave with tools and processes that are part of your management toolbox forever.  

Your Boot Camp experience is customized to the needs of your company and management team based on initial feedback and preliminary information submitted prior to the session, questions and issues you bring with you and whatever comes up during our gathering.  Topics of discussions include remediation, intensive business planning, strategies development, team building, plans for capitalization, and many other topics specific to your business.

Outcomes expected to result from our work together include (but not limited to):

1. Consensus about the future resources necessary for your business to succeed over the next 18-24 months;

2. Final version of the Business Assessment Matrix (BAM) that reflects the current status of your business and where further remediation may be required;

3. Refined draft of your business plan to reflect applicable changes and information gained throughout the workshop;

4. Growth strategies consistent with the goals of owners;

5. Operations, marketing and financial plans that include short and long term actions to be accomplished;

6. Better understanding of the current status of your management team and what might be done to increase their effectiveness;

7. Areas where your business might be vulnerable and some contingency plans to deal with these challenges and other unexpected risks.

Several items are completed and submitted prior to the Boot Camp so instructors can better design an agenda that will make the most of this two-day experience. These items include a business profile, a Business Assessment Matrix (BAM) and a draft business plan.

For further details, complete an expression of interest form HERE and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

      (This workshop is required for acceptance to the Virtual Business Accelerator program)

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