Planning for Excellence in Your Community

Participants will explore specific programs and activities that accomplish assessment, planning and leadership development; three basic functions necessary to cultivate excellence in their communities.   

Assessment of the status of community and economic development in your community establishes baselines that encourage and monitor improvements.  The Community Assessment Matrix (CAM) will serve as the assessment tool for this workshop and participants will learn how to identify areas requiring remediation and programs to guide communities towards excellence.

Communities without a plan describing the critical steps that will move them towards excellence, often find themselves engaging in many trivial activities, wasting resources, finding it difficult to reach their goals and worse yet procrastinating and doing nothing.  Effective planning is a critical process that helps communities create vision, prioritize issues, develop working groups and monitor for success.

Leadership development is the lifeblood of communities striving for long-term sustainability and excellence.  It involves never-ending processes that include personal development, empowerment, accountability and development of community champions.