Business Assessment Matrix©

Throughout the development of business ventures numerous issues arise that require considerable thought and careful analysis utilizing as much information as you can gather. Some issues will deal with trivial matters that will have less of an impact on the potential success of your business than others. Your job will be to insure the most important issues that represent the keys to your success receive the appropriate attention.  The Business Assessment Matrix (BAM) will help you identify these issues, relate them to your venture, remediate weaknesses, build on strengths and increase your chances for capitalization and success.

One way of determining whether you have a “hit” on your hands is to evaluate your business venture with a standardized proven assessment.  This exercise involves both a self-assessment as well as allowing your management team, consultants and others providing technical assistance to weigh in on the potential success of your venture.  Results from several reviewers with different points of view certainly open the door for conversations that ultimately will lead to improvements to all aspects of your venture.

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