Keys to Planning and Managing New Era Agribusinesses

Drought and sustained economic difficulties faced by the state's agricultural producers have caused many to look for new business ventures to help them diversify their income. One strategy that has been successful for many producers is diversification with one or more natural resource-based businesses that often break with tradition. Agribusinesses based on adding value to other commodities or products may also be a very effective way to increase farm or ranch revenue.

This workshop emphasizes development of natural resource-based and value-added agribusinesses. Using the business plan as a guide, participants discuss all aspects of the venture development process as they apply to specialized types of agribusinesses. Topics include generating, analyzing and developing business ideas; resource inventory; operations, marketing and financial management; finding capital; and forming a management team.

At the conclusion of this workshop you will have made substantial progress towards developing agribusiness alternatives for your property. You will also know what your next steps are, what information is needed to complete your agribusiness plan, where you can obtain technical assistance with your plan and options for capitalizing your venture.